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Last updated: 7-28-11


Are You Working Your Business Part Time? Or Spare Time?
By Darrell Finkeldei

Most people who start a home based business do so with the objective of creating a second income. It is a replacement for working a part time job. After all, working from home is much more appealing than working for someone else at someone else's work place.

With a part time job you would have a certain number of hours to work on a specific schedule of days or evenings. Do you treat your part time business in the same way?

Part-Time versus Spare-Time

When was the last time that you really had some SPARE time? Think about it. Life has it's way of using up every last minute of every day for you. There really is no such thing as SPARE time.

It doesn't really matter what kind of business you have chosen. It might be network marketing, direct sales, or an internet business. The fact is that most people will fail to generate that second income because they don't recognize the difference between "part time" and "spare time".

Those who are successful in creating a second income from a work at home business know that spare time never comes. They commit to a specific number of hours to work their business, set a schedule, and stick to it. Just as they would if they had a part time job.

Five Proven Ways To Avoid The Spare Time Trap

1) Choose a Business That You Will Enjoy

This is the greatest advantage to starting a part time business from home. You don't have many choices when looking for a part time job. But, when it comes to home based businesses, there is something for almost anyone.

If you choose something you enjoy doing it will not only be easier for you to MAKE the time to work your business, your enjoyment will be noticed by your clients or customers and enhance your income.

2) Decide How Much Time You Can Devote To Your Business

Most home based businesses can be started on a "shoestring budget". Therefore, you can generate a second income by working as few as five or ten hours per week.

Be realistic in your decision. Take a good, hard look at your weekly activities. Are there some activities that you can give up to make time for your business?

Here is where you will decide just how important this second income is to you. But don't make the mistake of not allowing time for family and recreation. If your business becomes a "ball and chain" you are doomed for failure.

3) Set a Schedule and Stick To It

Once you have decided how much time you can devote to your business you must decide WHEN you can work your business. Get a planning calendar and block in all your weekly activities. Then block in the times you can devote to your business.

Try to block time for your business on a regular basis. If you have committed to ten hours per week, try for two hours per day, five days per week rather than five hours on two days a week. Having a routine creates habit and good work habits contribute to success.

When you have your time scheduled...STICK TO IT. It's easy to say "I'll work double tomorrow" when you are working for yourself. Successful people just DON'T fall into this trap.

4) Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More

Plan what you need to get accomplished during your work time. Knowing what you want to get done leaves little room for distraction. Stay focused on getting the tasks at hand done.

And, when planning, always prioritize your work. Concentrate on doing those things that will move your business forward and actually generate income. But don't let the details slip by, either. Automate as much of the detail work as possible.

5) Set Goals and Work To Achieve Them

Setting goals for your business is one of the most important things you can do. It is a skill not easily learned, though. Goals must be realistic in order to be achieved. And they must also be specific.

Making a million dollars this year is certainly a goal, but it is rather broad and vague. A goal to make one sale per week is more specific and can be broken down into smaller and more exact parts.

If it takes 10 sales calls on average to make one sale, then you can achieve that goal in specific increments:

- generate 10 new leads per week - make two calls per day - generate one sale

Once you start achieving goals like this it is not hard to take the next step. If each sale nets you $100.00 how many sales will it take a month to go full time? How many new leads will that take? How many calls per day? Break your goals down into realistic parts and they become much more achievable.

********************************************************** Darrell Finkeldei spent six years as a Regional Director with Excel Communications. Currently he and his wife, Mona, are Advisors with AdvoCare International. Visit his web sites at:

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