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Last updated: 7-28-11


"How to Market Your Free Articles with No Money"
By David McKenzie

What? You mean I have written these great, informative, valuable articles and now I have to market them! Surely if they are free, people will just come and read them.

Ah, the internet.

Thou shalt market, market and market some more on the internet.

It does not matter if you are selling a product or service or giving your information away for free. You still have to market your stuff.

Otherwise no one will find you to read your excellent content.

The following 2 free marketing techniques will help increase the readership of your articles.

1. Newsgroups.

With google groups, newsgroups are suddenly easier to use and easier to post to. Google groups are basically newsgroups in html form.

OK. Here is a quick action plan for getting your article read by people on newsgroups.

Go to and search for groups related to your topic. Either search using the search box or manually scrolling through newsgroups. If you are familiar with newsgroups there may already be some groups you know you can post to.

Select about 12 groups related to your topic and monitor these groups for the next 2 weeks to get a feel for them.

Then after this time, if appropriate, post a message offering your free article.

Include a link back to your web site where your free article is located.

2. Signature Files

A signature file or 'sig file' is a message at the bottom of your email. For example one of my simple sig files is:

David McKenzie

It does 1 important thing. It tells people who receive an email from me who I am and how to find out more about me. By having a link back to my web site people are inclined to click that link.

You can also use your sig file to give away your free articles.
For example:

David McKenzie
For a free article on writing articles on the internet go to

That way people can go to your web site and read your free article.

These are just 2 of the free marketing techniques available for marketing your free articles. Use them and you will increase the readership of your articles.

Resource Box
David McKenzie is the author of a new e-book titled "How To Write Free Articles and Market Them With a $0 Marketing Budget"


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