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Last updated: 7-28-11


How to Start Your Home Grown Internet Biz
By Edward Thorpe

So you wanna be an internet cowboy/cowgirl?

Yahooooo! As I once heard a drunken wedding reception guest yell out when the boozing bride took a running leap onto the back of the bridegroom's Mother.

As the bridegroom's Mom hit the floor with her new daughter- in-law riding her, it didn't take a prophet to foretell that the Stuff was about to hit the fan.

Yahooooo! You're starting your Home Grown Internet Biz!

OK. Great. Super! I one hundred per cent endorse your decision.

Here's your first business assignment. Figure out if your Home Grown Internet Biz is going to be the bride or the bridegroom's Mom.

Because the Stuff is about to hit the fan!

Just like at the wedding reception, the internet is over loaded with wild-eyed experts. Every damn one of these experts are going to want to get into your action.

So prepare yourself. You're going to drenched with *expert* advice.

Some of the advice will be OK. Some will be good. And some will be very good. But the biggest part of the advice will waste your money and your time.

So how do you know when the advice is good, very good or stinkin? That, my friend is a very good question.

You're going to trust yourself. If your gut sends you a caution signal, listen up.

If your gut tells you this feels right, listen up. Do some more checking. If it still feels right and it feels like
fun, not work, you're probably onto something.

You already know everything you need to know. Just trust yourself. If you can think it, you can do it. Really.

It's going to take you awhile to learn how to use the many electronic tools that make internet marketing so much easier than working offline.

No big deal there. Take it one step at a time. Work your way through it. Most of the tools you'll need are easy anyway. Of course the more difficult, like building and maintaining your websites, will take longer. But you can master them.

The web is loaded with free help for every tool you'll actually need. Here's a short list of what You can learn for free.

How to use html.
How to get website.
How to design your website.
How to build your website.
How to maintain and update your website.
How to get a product to sell.
How to sell your product.
How to write advertising copy.
How to & where to advertise.
How to track your advertising.
How to follow-up with your advertising.
How to get paid.
How to accept credit cards/checks.
How to pick affiliate programs.
How to make affiliate sales.
How to stand out from the other affiliates.
How to use email.
How to use autoresponders.
How to start your own ezine.
How to design your ezine.
How to write your ezine.
How to get subscribers to your ezine.
How to mail to your ezine list.
How to manage your ezine list.
How to make your ezine worth reading.
How to make money with your ezine list.
How to create or buy an info product to sell.
How to write sales copy.
How to market and sell your info product.
How to start your own affiliate program.
How to manage your affiliate program.
How to pay your affiliates.
How to set up joint ventures with others.
How much to pay for joint ventures.

Go Wake up Lucille! And tell her to wake up the kids, too! Put the cat out on the porch! Get George out of the bathroom! He's gonna want to hear this too...

I just gave you your very own Home Grown Internet Biz step- by-step business plan! Follow the above list and you will have all the success you want. That's a promise. But only if you do it.

Is it going to take you awhile? Well sure. You don't plant corn today and eat corn on the cob next week...Unless you buy it from your grocery. But the more time you work the sooner you'll make it. Just common sense.

Yeah, Yeah. I know what's going through your greedy little mind. OK, edward thorpe/The Laziest Dude on The Internet, so where do I grab all that free training?

Well, I'd be doing you dirty if I told you. It's like this. Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

But I will point you in the right direction. Going in this direction will teach you gobs in its own right.

Go to the search engines and do keyword searches for the above list. (I like Then just follow the trail. Become a sleuth. You'll have fun. And you will learn a great deal in the process.

If you don't have time to learn everything right away, no problem. You don't have to wait to eat your corn on the cob. And you don't have to wait until you learn everything for yourself, either. At least not at first. But you'll want to learn the basics,eventually.

But if you're ready to go now, great. You can buy most of what you need.

Yes, You can buy ready made professionally designed websites. They can have the tools you'll need already installed and ready for you to use. Some of these sites will even let you sell for them.

There you go. An Instant Home Grown Internet Biz for you.

For example, I sell very affordable websites that come with just about everything you'll need to get started pronto. And you can even buy with a low monthly payment.

You can get your site and become an affiliate and let your site pay it's own way. IF you've got the hankering to get started fast.

Otherwise, follow the list above. Either way you choose to go...


OK. Times up. Which position would you rather your Home Grown Internet Biz be in?

The boozing bride -or- the bridegroom's Mom?

Nope, it's not a trick question. Trust yourself.

Yahooooo! Git along you internet cowboys and girls!
© Copyright 1996-2001, edward thorpe, All Rights Reserved
edward thorpe, The Laziest Dude on the Internet, publishes The Home Grown Biz Advocate. Smart, funny and candid Home Biz Opp selling tips, tricks & free help. Get yours at


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